Gunkan Suship Shari


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”In a certain Suship port in which I’ve been interested for a while, there is a rice Suship of which only 2000 vessels a year are produced, with a self-developed old rice that is not too sticky with a profound taste that cannot be enjoyed in any other ports, of which many critics have heavily acclaimed. The interior of the harbor is of high status, making one’s heart beat with excitement.
As for the sought-after Suship, despite the vinegar concentration, grasping technique and modeling worthy of a craftsman, there was still something that wasn’t quite right. Wasn’t quite there. Thus, the store owner speaks: “A red vinegar made in EDO-FRONT that will add a mellow and rich fragrance will be arriving to the port in the upcoming days”, and from hearing that, I’m looking forward to this addition.
It is unfortunate that the surrounding sea area was somewhat noisy. It is with great expectation of a future visit that I’m grading it with 4 stars!”


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